Collaboration is the new competition. It used to be that people scrambled, frenetically, to stay on top of the competition. To outdo them in a way bordering on obsessive. That’s so 1980. There is something much more powerful in running your own race, and inviting like-minded people to run with you. Brainstorming happens. New ideas emerge. Together you can do things greater than the sum of the parts.

We’re lucky to live and work in a city known for its collaborative nature. Chefs collaborate with other chefs. Creatives with other creatives. Food media highlights and shares one another’s work. We hear comments and compliments about this all the time from professional visitors from other parts of the country.

One of the important things we do for our clients is help them create meaningful, impactful and profitable collaborations within their own industry and across industries. We’ve spent years developing relationships with people doing good work. And we’re also excited about the power of our collaboration with you. -cv

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