Please don’t ask me about my camera. 

Twice in the past week, I’ve sat in meetings where the first - and seemingly most important - question asked of me was what equipment I use. Look, here’s the thing, I’m happy to nerd out on lens asymmetries and aspect ratios with anyone, at any time, but if you’re looking to hire us as makers, you’re hiring the creative, not the machinery. Part of our job is to come to a full understanding of your values, your story and your brand, then represent those in still photographs and video. Yes, we have the equipment to produce at the highest quality, but what we have that’s even more important, is an eye and ear for what’s most relevant. A creative approach that asks the right questions, and gives you ideas you may not have thought of otherwise. Careers worth of experience about what works best, saving you time and money.

You wouldn’t ask an attorney about their pen or a contractor about their tools, because what matters is the skill and craft with which those tools are applied. The same is true with media. If your concern is, “Do you have the equipment needed to fully execute our vision?”, that’s a fair question, but let’s get that out of the way first and fast, so we can hear more about that vision of yours. So we can geek out on what really brought us to the meeting in the first place, which is you. -jf

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