People are more important than things.

This is an undeniable, universal human truth. When you hear of tragic catastrophes befalling a town after a tornado rips through their community or an earthquake rattles their reality to the core, and they only have a few, panicked moments to take what they can, they often rush to grab a family photo album or precious trinket left by a passed loved one. What does this say about us as people?

We prioritize everything in our lives. In our work, in our schedules, in our record collections, in our lists of favorite joints when you simply need ( insert must-have drink or dish here ), but the common, perhaps less obvious, while most vital thread that connects all of our ‘number ones’ is not that it’s just my favorite album or bar, but the people who have created this thing. Every bar sells drinks and can keep the ice cold, and every book has chapters and pages, but it’s the human touch that makes it either forgettable or unforgettable.

It’s about the people, not the thing.

When accepting the responsibility for communicating on behalf of others, and their brand, this lesson must be seated front and center. At CAKE, we adamantly embody a people-first approach to every aspect of what we do. We are all ears when someone tells us a personal story of ambition in starting their own company, the values behind their daily work, their vision for themselves, their aspirations, needs, strengths, weaknesses. Deeply listening to our people gives us the information we need to be genuine communicators and creatives for them, because we’re putting them first. The audience responds to that, needs that, craves that.

We often find ourselves at the meeting table with clients and colleagues and after a few minutes, it feels like we’re old friends. Everyone feels safe and encouraged and spectacular ideas come flying out. This comes from our populist approach and everyone benefits. We believe in collaboration in its truest sense, where together we are better than any of us would be on our own. We relish the opportunity to work with anyone where that connection can become a reality and where we can use our values, expertise and passion to give life to our client’s vision. In the end, we do not work for brands or companies or organizations. We work for and with people.

People are more important than things. -tw

Cake Agency